Infinite Hope by Anthony Graves


Official book release date is January 16th, 2018

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Brazos (an independent bookstore in Houston, TX):

For some time I’ve had a desire to share my story in a book about my wrongful conviction and the years I spent on death row. This book is a positive book about staying strong, keeping the faith, and finding a purpose in your life no matter how dire your circumstances.

I spent 18½ years behind bars for a murder I did not commit. Twice I had execution dates set and was forced to wait in the knowledge of my coming death.

This book is about that story. About the conviction, life on death row and what I learned there about the human condition, and about how I was finally exonerated completely and set free. I chose to live with purpose and faith. And now I’ve dedicated my life to working for the reasonable and thoughtful criminal justice reforms that our country desperately needs.

My name is Anthony Graves.

Infinite Hope has been written and is slated for publication in January 16, 2018. Sign up below, and I’ll send you information about the book as the publication date draws closer.